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Turning Center Model

Traub TNA 400
30 HP Single Turret Mill-Turn with Optional C & Y-Axis Milling

Traub TNA 400 Turning Center

Traub TNA 400 Turret and Tailstock

- Precise work spindle
- Dynamic, digitally coupled AC motor for maximum torque - without adverse thermal effect on the headstock
- Short chip-to-chip times due to the 12 station disc-type turret with driven tools at each position
- More machining possibilities with C-axis, optional Y-axis, and steadyrest
- Tailstock with hydraulic rapid return on separate guideway
- Bar feeding by means of a bar loading magazine or an integrated handling system
- Has the option of being fitted out for automatic production


TNA 400

30 HP Single Turret Mill-Turn with Optional C & Y-Axis Milling
Machine Style(s): Bar, Chucker, Universal
Spindle Direction: Horizontal
Operation Type: CNC
CNC Type: Standard:   TX8-i
Chuck Size (in.)  Std: 10.200    Opt: 12.500 Max. Swing: 26.181
Turning Diameter Max: 15.551
Turning Length (in.) Max: 29.527
Bar Capacity (in.) Std: 2.560    Opt Max: 3.150
Tailstock: Standard (in.) Quill Dia: 3.350     Stroke: 5.512     Quill Center: MK 5    
# of Main Spindles: 1
Main Spindle: rpm: 1 - 4000    Opt: 3150 HP: 29.50  
Nose: A6 Opt: A8 Bore: 2.560 Opt: 3.140  
# Speed Ranges: 1 Index Increment: 0.001°  
Primary Tool Carrier: TURRET
Max Tools Turning: 12 Rotary: 12
Tool Shank Size (in.): Square: 1.000     Round: 1.500
Rotary Tool Spindle: rpm: 4,000 Power: 7.40 hp
# of Simultaneous Cutting Tools: 1
Secondary Mill/Drill Function On-Center: Optional With 'C' Axis: Optional
Off-Center: Optional With 'Y' Axis: Optional
Number of Axes: Standard: 2 Optional: 3, 4
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
C1 Opt. 360.000 in. 100 rpm 100 rpm
X1 Std. 8.860 in. 590 ipm 590 ipm
Y1 Opt. 3.937 in. 945 ipm 945 ipm
Z1 Std. 29.570 in. 945 ipm 945 ipm
Length 181 in.
Width 72 in.
Height 79 in.
Weight 13,670 lbs.
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