Grinding Machine Model

Studer S12
Production External Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Studer S12 External Cylindrical Grinder with Internal Grinding Function
Studer S12 -

CNC External Production Grinder

The basic concept and target of the Studer S12 Production ID/OD grinder was to create a high precision machine without compromise. The heart of the machine is a high precision positionable linear motors completely new, patented drive/guide system b. The extremely rigid slides with hydrostatic bearings are magnetically pre-tensioned. The in-feed movement can be programmed in 10-nanometer steps.


Precision: Axis movements in 10-Nanometer Stepps thanks to hydrostatic guideways and linear motor technology.

Dynamics: infeed speed 30 m/min, Axis-acceleration up to 3 m/s2

Flexibility: Various wheel dressing concepts, Internal grinding spindle on a separate cross-slide, automatic handling



  • X axis 0 or 30 deg
  • X axis: Hydrostatic with Linear motor or linear guide ways with re-circulating ball screws 
  • Z axis : Hydrostatic with Linear Motor or patented guide way with knob-structure and re-circulating ball screws 
  • C axis for workhead 
  • Internal grinding unit with separate cross slide for simultaneous grinding of Internal/External diameters 
  • Application specific Workheads (Hydrostatic, Motor spindle) 
  • Additional NC-Axis for the profiling of the grinding wheel 
  • Full enclosure with new door concept for optimal accessibility 
  • Machine base made of Granitan S103 mineral casting 
  • Large range of accessories 
  • Simplified programming with StuderWIN and Siemens 840D hardware 
  • Programming Software StuderGRIND for offline programming 
  • Standardised interfaces for loader and peripheral devices



Grinding length

150mm / 5.10in

Center height

175mm / 6.89in

Workpiece weight

30kg / 66.14lbs.

Spindle drive

7.5-12.5kw / 4 hp

Grinding wheel dimensions

500x80mm  19.68 x 3.14in






Production External Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Grinder Type: Cylindrical-ID, Cylindrical-OD, Cylindrical-Uni, Profile
Machine Opertaion: CNC
CNC Brand: Siemens 840D
Grinding Length: 5.906 Inches Length: 150.000 mm
OD Grinding Diameter(s) Max: 13.780 Max: 350.000 mm
ID Grinding Diameter(s) Max: 3.937 Max: 100.000 mm
Swing Diameter 14.000 Inches 355.600 mm
Workload 66 lbs. 30 kg.
Grinding Wheel Dia.: 19.685 Inches    Width: 3.150 Inches    Bore: 7.992 Inches    Dia.: 500.000 mm    Width: 80.000 mm    Bore: 203.000 mm   
Wheel Head Motor: 16.70 hp Motor: 12.50 kW   3,000 rpm   Angle Adjustment: 30.000°
Workhead Speed: 3,000 rpm
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
Longitudinal 13.780 Inches 350.000 mm 0.00004-1181"/min ipm 0.001-30000mm/min mm/min 1,181 ipm 30,000 mm/min
Cross 11.811 Inches 300.000 mm 0.00004-1181"/min ipm 0.001-30000mm/min mm/min 1,181 ipm 30,000 mm/min
Machine Weight: 13,860 lbs 6,300 kg
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