Grinding Machine Model

Studer S242
Combination Hard Turning and Grinding Cylindrical Center

Studer Combination Hard Turning and Grinding Machine

Studer S242

Studer S242 Combination Turning and Grinding Center

The combined machining system for hard turning and grinding enables rational hard-fine applications for both shaft and chuck work pieces.

The Granitan® S103 inclined-bed machine base meets the following special requirements:
 - Good accessibility
 - Optimum chip discharge into the   integrated chip conveyor
 - Effective vibration damping
 - Highest possible temperature stability


The standard versions of the S242 have either two or three center supports to accept the grinding or turning/milling tools. The distance between centers is 400 mm or 650 mm. Depending on the application, workpieces having a length of up to 1000 mm can be machined. The grinding tools have a diameter of 400 mm and the turning tool turret can accommodate up to 8 tools, including the optional live tooling.



  • Granitan® S103 mineral-cast machine base
  • X1 axis: stroke 205 mm (8.5"); Vx 15 m/min; resolution 0,0001 mm
  •  X2 axis: stroke 205 mm (8.5"); Vx 15 m/min; resolution 0,0001 mm
  • Z axis: stroke 800 mm (31.4"); Vz 25 m/min; resolution 0,0001 mm   
  • In-process gauging: length positioning, length and diameter measurements
  • Full enclosure with sliding door
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Easy programming with StuderWIN
  • Programming software StuderGRIND for creating grinding and dressing programs on the PC
  • Standardised interfaces for loader and peripheral devices
  • Grinding spindle: 6.8 kW, Vs 50 m/s; Position 0 or 25 deg; automatic balancing, grinding wheel diameter 400 x 50/63 mm
  • Rotating turret: 8 tool positions Option: up to 4 driven tools for drilling and milling
  • Workhead: synchronous motor spindle 5.5 kW; 3500 rpm; adapter for center MT4; Chuck dia. 130/160 mm; chuck fixture DIN 55026 
  • Tailstock slide Stroke 450 mm (17.7"); resolution 0,001 mm; V 15 m/min Workpiece fixture standard: barrel dia. 60 mm; stroke 10 mm; adapter for centres MT4; centering pressure manually adjustable Option: synchronous motor spindle 2.1 kW; 3500 rpm; adapter for centres MT3; programmable clamping force


Combination Hard Turning and Grinding Cylindrical Center
Grinder Type: Cylindrical-OD, Special Purpose
Machine Opertaion: CNC
CNC Brand: Fanuc 310i-A
Grinding Length: 15.700 Inches Length: 398.780 mm
OD Grinding Diameter(s) Max: 7.100 Max: 180.340 mm
ID Grinding Diameter(s) Max: 4.700 Max: 120.000 mm
ID Grinding Depth Max: 8.700" (Opt: 4.724") Max: 220.000 mm (Opt: 120.000 mm)
Swing Diameter 7.100 Inches 180.340 mm
Workload 55 lbs. 25 kg.
Grinding Wheel Dia.: 15.748 Inches  Opt. 15.748    Width: 1.969 Inches  Opt. 2.480    Bore: 5.000 Inches  Opt. 5.000    Dia.: 400.000 mm  Opt. 400.000    Width: 50.000 mm  Opt. 63.000    Bore: 127.000 mm  Opt. 127.000   
Wheel Head Motor: 9.00 hp  Opt: 16.70 hp Motor: 6.80 kW  Opt:12.50 kW   Angle Adjustment: 25.000°
Workhead Motor: 7.30 hp Motor: 5.50 kW    Speed: 3,500 rpm
Resolution 0.000004 Inches 0.000100 mm
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
Longitudinal 31.400 Inches 797.560 mm 591 ipm 15,000 mm/min
Cross 8.500 Inches 215.900 mm 591 ipm 15,000 mm/min
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