Grinding Machine Model

Studer S41
ID / OD Universal Cylindrical CNC Grinder forComplex Grinding Jobs




Studer S41  
Studer S40 -

The S41 is a CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine of the latest generation. It boasts many technical features, such as the revolutionary StuderGuide® guideway system, high-precision axis drives with linear motors, extremely fast direct drive of the B-axis, and an even larger selection of wheel variants.


The S41 meets every possible requirement. Thanks to the center height of 225 or 275 mm and a distance between centers of 1,000 or 1,600 mm, the majority of daily grinding tasks can be efficiently performed on this machine. Naturally, the S41 can also be configured as a single-purpose machine for large batch production. The S41 can make full use of its speed particularly in applications where short auxiliary times are important.




  • Distance between centers of 1000 (39.4") or 1600 mm (63") 
  • Center height 225 (8.9") /275 (10.8") mm  
  • Maximum workpiece weight 250 kg (551 lbs)


  • StuderGuide® guide system with linear drive
  • Turret wheelhead with direct drive and 0.00005 degrees resolution
  • Complete machining with up to four grinding wheels 
  • C axis for the workhead enabling form and thread grinding 
  • Full enclosure with two sliding doors 
  • Granitan® mineral-casting S103 machine base 


  • Very simple operation and programming thanks to StuderWIN
  • StuderGRIND programming software for the creation of grinding and dressing programs directly on the machine control or on an external PC
  • Reduced setup and resetting times with Studer Quick-Set
  • Standardized interfaces for loader and peripheral devices


Grinding length

1000/1600 mm (39.4/63")

Center height

 225/275 mm (8.9/10.8")

Workpiece weight

550 lbs.

Swivel range wheelhead

-30 to +225°





ID / OD Universal Cylindrical CNC Grinder forComplex Grinding Jobs
Grinder Type: Cylindrical-ID, Cylindrical-OD, Cylindrical-Uni, Thread Grinder
Machine Opertaion: CNC
CNC Brand: Fanuc Series 31i-A
Grinding Length: 39.300 Inches Opt. 63.000 Length: 1000.000 mm   Opt. 1600.000
OD Grinding Diameter(s) Max: 20.000 Max: 500.000 mm
Swing Diameter 21.650 Inches 550.000 mm
Workload 551 lbs. 250 kg.
Grinding Wheel Dia.: 20.000 Inches    Width: 3.150 Inches  Opt. 3.900    Bore: 8.000 Inches    Dia.: 508.000 mm    Width: 80.000 mm  Opt. 100.000    Bore: 203.200 mm   
Wheel Head Motor: 41.00 hp Motor: 30.00 kW   Angle Adjustment: 255°
Workhead Motor: 13.60 hp Motor: 10.00 kW    Speed: 2,000 rpm
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
Longitudinal 68.900 Inches 1750.000 mm 787 ipm 20,000 mm/min
Cross 13.800 Inches 350.000 mm 787 ipm 20,000 mm/min
Machine Length: 244 Inches 6,200 mm
Machine Width: 196 Inches 5,000 mm
Machine Height: 98 Inches 2,500 mm
Machine Weight: 22,440 lbs 10,200 kg
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