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Milling Center Model

Droop + Rein MODIMILL
6-Axis Portal Style Milling and Machining Center with Cross Rail and Fork Style Spindle

DS Technology Droop + Rein Modimill
The MODIMILL is established in robust portal design and ensures optimized process view through a rotary table of 1800 x 2200 mm.

Through adaptable motor spindle complete machining of a workpiece with powerful roughing and high dynamic and high accuracy finishing is possible.
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Compact structure

Optimized process view through rotary table

5-side machining

Complete machining of a workpiece

Powerful roughing

High dynamic and high accuracy finishing

Reduction of total production time

Reduction of manual bench work

High geometric accuracy and surface quality



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Milling unit
Power - 30 kW
Torque - 600 Nm
Speed - 6000 min-1
X-axis - 2400 / 3500 - 5500 mm
Y-axis - 2850 mm
Z-axis - 1000 mm
C-axis - � 180� (indexing)
A-axis - -10� bis +120� (indexing)
Rotary table dimensions
W x L - 2200 x 1800 mm
Fixed table dimensions
W x L - 2200 x 3000 - 5000 mm
Machine characteristics
Weight - 55.000 kg
Table load - 12.000 kg
Feedrate - up to 30 m/min in Y-axis
up to 20 m/min in X-, Z-axis
Control - FIDIA C20 or HEIDENHAIN TNC 430M
Autom. tool changer - 30 places / optional 55 places
Selectable spindle inserts - Milling spindle
Motor spindle
    Milling spindle Motor spindle Moor spindle
Power kW 30 20 20
Torque Nm 600 48 8
Speed min -1 6000 18000 35000


6-Axis Portal Style Milling and Machining Center with Cross Rail and Fork Style Spindle
Machine Type: Milling Machine, Machining Center
Num. of Axes: 5   Opt. 6
Work Support: Table
Column Construction: Multi/Bridge Column Style: Stationary
Operation Type: CNC
CNC Brand: Fidia C2 Opt: Heidenhain TNC 430M
Table Size L x W (in.) 118.000 x 86.614    Opt. 196.850 x 86.614
Max. Workpiece Weight (lbs) 26,400
Pallet Changer Optional No. of Pallet
Rotary Table Standard
Num. Main Spindles 1
Orientation Combination
Articulated Axis: A/B
Top RPM 6,000 Opt: 18,000, 35,000
Horse Power (30 min rating) 40.00
# Speed Ranges 2
Type Fixed
Primary Tool Carrier(s) ATC
Number of Tools 30    Opt. 55
Number of Axes: 5   Options: (6 )   Articulated Axis: A/B
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
X1 Std. 94.480 in. Opt. (216.53 in.) 787 ipm 787 ipm
Y1 Std. 112.000 in. 1,179 ipm 1,179 ipm
Z1 Std. 39.300 in. 787 ipm 787 ipm
A1 Std. 130.000 deg
C1 Std. 360.000 deg
Machine Weight (lbs) 121,000
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