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Blisk Machining Center


No matter if it is called a «Blisk» (bladed disk) or an «IBR» (integrally bladed rotor), no matter if it is single stage or multi stage, Starrag’s dedicated machine concept of the NB series provides the best solution for efficiently machining these parts. Blisks made from Titanium, Nickel-based superalloys and the Blisks made of blade steels for stationary gas turbines triggered the development of the NB series. For all the necessary manufacturing operations Starrag provides the benchmark: Efficient roughing for Blisks machined from solid, adaptive machining for friction welded Blisks, high dynamic finishing of the airfoils in point contact. Shortest cycle times and zero scrap rate production are achievable on the Starrag NB series. The NB series is based on the very successful Starrag LX series.

Key benefits:
Dedicated kinematic concept for efficient Blisk roughing o-finishing.
A single adapter design solution is used for all NB machine sizes.
Expansion of the spindle through thermal drift or centrifugal forces can constantly be measured and compensated for by direct measurement.
The effects of machine displacements due to thermal conditions can be corrected directly on the workpiece through an automated process before machining.


NB 151

Blisk Machining Center
Machine Type: Milling Machine, Machining Center
Num. of Axes: 3   Opt. 4, 5
Operation Type: CNC
CNC Brand: Siemens 840D
Num. Main Spindles 1
Top RPM 18,000
Horse Power (30 min rating) 37.60
Number of Tools 60    Opt. 320
Tool Change Time C-to-C (sec) 4.50 sec tool-to-tool
Max. Tool Length (in.) 9.800
Max. Tool Diameter (in.) 3.900 (with empty adacent pockets)
Max. Tool Weight 22.00
Number of Axes: 3   Options: (4 , 5 )   U Axis: None
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
X1 Std. 25.600 in.
Y1 Std. 25.600 in.
Z1 Std. 26.800 in.
A1 Std. 360.000 deg 200 rpm
B1 (Swivel) Std. 95.000 deg 60 rpm
Machine Dimensions (l x w x h)(in.) 205 x 122 x 122
Machine Weight (lbs) 28,660
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