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Milling Center Model

Union PR 200/250
Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill with RAM

Union PR 200/250 Floor Type Boring Mill

When your workpieces are too large to move to the spindle, then bring the spindle to them. The UNION P and PR Series machines are "Floor type" configurations that allow mounting of your workpieces to a fixed table and moving the machine spindle around your part with a traveling column X movement and traveling column or RAM style Z movement. This configuration is essential for large, bulky components that are too big or too heavy to fixture on a moving table. The traveling column design combined with automatically latched angle heads allow access to 5 sides of any workpiece mounted in front of the spindle. Using a floor plate supported by your foundation, part weight is only limited by your ability to move it to the machine. Workpiece size is limited to about 16 feet up and down but virtually unlimited in length.

PR 200

Not only is the P and PR Series the answer for large bulky parts but also a great solution for the flexible needs of a job shop environment that may change part size and volume requirements overnight. When your not using the large machining envelope of this machine, create different "work zones" on the table that allow multiple set ups and "pendulum machining" that keeps the spindle cutting without downtime due to part loading and unloading.

PR 200/250

Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill with RAM
Machine Type: Boring Mill
Num. of Axes: 4
Work Support: Floor
Column Construction: Single Column Style: Travelling
Operation Type: CNC
CNC Brand: Heidenhain Opt: Siemens, Fanuc
Table Size L x W (in.) 157.000 x 79.000
Pallet Changer Optional No. of Pallet
Index Table Optional
Rotary Table Optional Dual Axis Table: Optional
Num. Main Spindles 1
Orientation Horizontal
Taper 50    Opt. 60
Articulated Axis: Opt.
Top RPM 2,200 Opt: 3,500
Horse Power (30 min rating) 148.00   Opt: 175.00
# Speed Ranges 2
Type Ram
Primary Tool Carrier(s) ATC
Number of Tools 40    Opt. 500
Tool Change Time C-to-C (sec) 15.00   10.00 sec tool-to-tool
Head Changer Optional
Max. Tool Length (in.) 20.000
Max. Tool Diameter (in.) 10.000 (with empty adacent pockets)
Max. Tool Weight 66.00
Number of Axes: 4   U Axis: Optional
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
X1 Std. 157.000 in. Opt. (197.00 in.) 236 ipm 866 ipm
Y1 Std. 118.000 in. Opt. (393.00 in.) 236 ipm 866 ipm
Z1 Std. 63.000 in. 236 ipm 866 ipm
W1 Std. 39.300 in. 236 ipm 866 ipm
Machine Weight (lbs) 179,300
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