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Turning Center Model

Berthiez TVM 1400
97 HP High Speed Vertical Turning Center with W Axis Ram

Berthiez TVM 1400 Vertical Turning Lathe

The TVM range of vertical lathes has been designed to attain maximum productivity for machining of smaller high quality products.
TVM advantages are the completely cast iron construction, high static and dynamic axis stability, high accuracies and long term reliability.
For higher flexibility the machine can be equipped with several pallet change systems and adaptable milling heads.
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Completely contructed in cast iron

Extremely high table speeds

Possibility to perform turning and milling on the same machine

High static and dynamic axis stability and accuracy

Different pallet changing options

Large choice of equipments






TVM 1400

97 HP High Speed Vertical Turning Center with W Axis Ram
Machine Style(s): Chucker
Spindle Direction: Vertical
Operation Type: CNC
Chuck Size (in.)  Std: 31.000    Opt: 49.200 Max. Swing: 55.000
Turning Diameter Max: 49.200
Turning Length (in.) Max: 43.300
# of Main Spindles: 1
Main Spindle: rpm: 1000    Opt: 800, 630 HP: 97.00    Opt: 137.00  
Nose: Table  
Primary Tool Carrier: ATC
Max Tools Turning: 80 Rotary: 80
# of Simultaneous Cutting Tools: 1
Secondary Mill/Drill Function On-Center: Optional With 'C' Axis: Optional
Off-Center: Optional With 'Y' Axis: Optional
Number of Axes: Standard: 3 Optional: 4
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
C1 Opt. 360.000 deg 5 rpm
W1 Std. 31.000 in. Opt. 49.21 in. 629 ipm
X1 629 ipm
Z1 629 ipm
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