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Agiecut Progress Automated Wire EDM with eCUT generator technology for faster precision cutting

Agie Charmilles AC Progress VP2 Wire Cutting Machine
AgieCharmilles AC Progress VP2 wire cutting machine.
Agie Charmilles AC Progress VP2
  • IPG-VPC Dual Generator has 4 power modules and a modern design and technology that delivers finer spark gap for better part geometry and surface finish. It also has low power consumption and takes up a minimum amount of space.
  • Wire sizes down to 0.006" - 0.013". Optional sizes down to .002" are available. Universal V-guides mean no wire guide changes!
  • ACvision 5 control runs on Windows XP. Control delivers more power, less space requirement.
  • Four sided table with universal clamping frame.
  • Unique DUOTEC wire technology takes advantage of the universal v-guide design to rough a part with a larger diameter wire and finish with a smaller diameter wire, with just a few minute wire spool changover. This special technology improves part cycle time and saves on wire cost!
  • ACsetup 3D includes a probing system that checks the top surface of a workpiece and programs the angle of the EDM wire to match the A/B angle of the workpiece. After the wire is square to the work being machined, the wire picks up a specified side surface and then rotates the program to match the C-skew of the block. The system then uses the wire to pick up a reference on the workpiece using one of the pick-up macros in ACvision. These values are automatically loaded into the control under a specific file name. This feature can be programmed off-line and executed unattended. ACsetup 3D saves an average of 20 minutes per part when compared to traditional methods of workpiece set up.
  • Standard Usersequence� control feature allows the operator to define machining sequences (steps) independent of the CAM program. It allows the operator to freely choose and optimize the erosion steps between multiple parts and/or geometries.
  • Standard Pieceinsert control feature allows the "pausing" of a job in progress in order to "insert" and machine another (emergency) workpiece, with the click of a mouse. When finished, you can automatically return to the exact point where the previous job was paused and "resume" erosion.
  • Access your GF AgieCharmilles EDM off-line through the standard Ethernet connection. This unique feature enables the user to monitor or run the GF AgieCharmilles system from a remote location. It also provides for real time support from the local applications and service agent.
  • Finishes of 0.2 Ra are standard, with the option to achieve 0.1Ra.
  • Smart Threading option allows for auto-threading small wire diameters (.004" and less) in holes tha are only .002" bigger than the wire diameter. Includes automatic start hole location detection.



Agiecut Progress Automated Wire EDM with eCUT generator technology for faster precision cutting
Machine Type: CNC Wire
Frame Type: "C"
Submersible: Standard
Max. Part Size (L x D x H) in. 30.000 x 22.000 x 10.000
Worktank Capacity 158 gal
Max. Part Weight 990 lbs
Max. Cutting Speed 47.00 ipm
Max Oper. Thickness


Max Taper Angle

Max Part Thickness at Max Taper Angle 3.940 in.

Min Hole Diameter

0.0040 in.
Max Wire Spool Weight 55.00 lbs

Max Wire Diameter

0.0130 in.
Features Auto rethreading: Optional
Auto restart after power out: Optional
Auto slug removal: Optional
Anti-electolysis power supply: Optional
Auto 2nd cut: Optional
Start hole device: Optional
Number of Axes: 5
Travel Rapid Rate
13.770 in. 118 ipm
9.840 in. 118 ipm
10.000 in.
U ± 2.750 in.
V ± 2.750 in.
Machine Length 65 in.
Machine Width 81 in.
Machine Height 88 in.
Machine Weight 6,380 lbs
amt Modern Machine Shop Production Machining Moldmaking Technology