Grinding Machine Model

Mikrosa KRONOS L
Heavy Duty Centerless Grinder for large workpieces



Kronos L -

The KRONOS L is designed for processing of large workpieces. It has been designed and equipped for power and volume performances. For example, we are the only manufacturer to provide the grinding spindle with a roller bearing and hydraulic clamping on both sides with a grinding wheel circumferential speed of up to 120 m/s and also a regulating wheel with bearings on both sides.

 The KRONOS L provides highly flexible possibilities of application thanks to its modular construction and design.

The semi-automatic grinding wheel changing system effectively minimises the standstill times. Therefore, small volume production can be produced without any problems on the KRONOS L.

  • 6 CNC-controlled axes enable complex processing
  • Regulating spindle with bearings on both sides
  • Automatic movement of the coolant nozzle to compensate the wear on the grinding wheel with a dressing speed of the regulating wheel of up to 700 RPM, the dressing time is short. The subsidiary times are reduced drastically in this way.
  • Grinding and regulating wheel dresser with a high degree of identical parts for more friendliness in maintenance and service
  • The grinding wheel dresser can be adapted to differing dressing methods by replacing the tool carrier.




Heavy Duty Centerless Grinder for large workpieces
Grinder Type: Centerless
Machine Opertaion: CNC
CNC Brand: Siemens 840D
Grinding Length: 25.780 Inches Opt. 21.456 Length: 654.812 mm   Opt. 545.000
OD Grinding Diameter(s) Min: 0.200 , Max: 10.000 Min: 5.080 mm , Max: 254.000 mm
Grinding Wheel Dia.: 26.000 Inches    Width: 26.000 Inches    Bore: 12.000 Inches    Dia.: 660.000 mm    Width: 660.400 mm    Bore: 304.800 mm   
Wheel Head Motor: 80.00 hp  Opt: 133.00 hp Motor: 60.00 kW  Opt:99.80 kW   Angle Adjustment: 0.000°
Regulating Wheel   Speed: 300 rpm
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