Grinding Machine Model

Mikrosa KRONOS S 125
Straight Plunge or Angle Centerless Grinding Machine

Mikrosa Kronos S 125 Centerless Grinding Machine
Kronos S 125  
Kronos S 125

The Mikrosa KRONOS S 125 centerless grinder is the ideal system decision for economical precision processing of small parts. The special feature of the KRONOS S: It can be converted into a 15° inclined plunge cutting machine within 2 hours. In this way, applications which were only possible between centres can be processed alternately. If we look at it this way, the KRONOS S is really "two machines in one". It has been designed for universal use even with the smallest of batch sizes. 

The KRONOS S provides outstanding overall economy, above all in combination with the CBN high-speed technology.


 A further feature is the patented cross-slide system. The special cross-slide construction and the easily accessible arrangement of the dressing appliances have made easy adjustments possible. For plunge cut parts, a handling system which can be integrated with the machine is available. It can be combined with external workpiece stores without any problems.


Mechanical adjustments are no longer necessary for α' and B1 axis a sure touch is replaced by NC precision. This means: reproducible figures at the push of a button. The "µ hammer" is thus a thing of the past.



  • Unique: Settings for α' and B1 without mechanical movement elements thanks to Mikrosa know-how, resulting in a distinct reduction of the adjustment and set-up times plus an increase in reproducibility
  • Time benefit: 85% saving in the generation of the hyperbolic profile on the regulating wheel-75% saving in the cylinder correction on the workpiece
  • The Kronos system only uses 4 axis, where as conventional systems use 6 axis to achieve the same result
  • Highest dressing processing for grinding and regulating wheel by arrangement of the dressers in the centre of the workpiece level
  • Quick refitting into a 15° inclined plunge cut machine in less than 2 hours by a simple change of the grinding spindle unit.






Straight Plunge or Angle Centerless Grinding Machine
Grinder Type: Centerless
Machine Opertaion: CNC
CNC Brand: Siemens 840D
Grinding Length: 4.720 Inches Length: 120.000 mm
OD Grinding Diameter(s) Min: 0.020 , Max: 1.181 Min: 0.500 mm , Max: 30.000 mm
Grinding Wheel Dia.: 15.748 Inches    Width: 4.921 Inches    Bore: 7.992 Inches    Dia.: 400.000 mm    Width: 125.000 mm    Bore: 203.200 mm   
Wheel Head Motor: 14.70 hp  Opt: 20.00 hp Motor: 11.00 kW  Opt:15.00 kW   Angle Adjustment: 15°
Regulating Wheel   Speed: 1,000 rpm  Opt. 500
Constant Surface Speed Control
Specify Thrufeed, or Infeed Type
Machine Length: 126 Inches 3,210 mm
Machine Width: 63 Inches 1,600 mm
Machine Height: 83 Inches 2,100 mm
Machine Weight: 14,740 lbs 6,700 kg
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